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I'm a Web Designer and Developer From Delhi, India.

My name is Kunji Meena. I am a web designer and web developer. I am 23 years old, born and raised in Rajasthan, India. Currenly i am residing in Delhi, India. Couple of years back I moved to Delhi to pursue a degree from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. From the first year of my engineering I happen to found interested in designing and developing websites.

I made my very first website five years ago for an event in my college. After then I started to design website for start-ups. With years of design and programming inspirations now I am a full-time independent web designer and developer. I have designed plenty of websites for small businesses and start-ups. I have extensive experience in various scripting languages, SEO and design concepts.

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  • Discuss your requirements - First I will get to know what your project is about and what is your project's goal.

  • Cost estimation - After understanding your requirement, I will provide you how much it will cost you.

  • Confirmation - After understanding what is your project and how much it will cost you, then I will create a document which will contain all discussed deliverable and costs. Once this agreed I will take 40% initial payment, then I will work for next steps.

  • Research - I will research about your project and ask plenty of questions regarding this.

  • Wireframe - I will create wire frame of website for different devices and show you how website will work and discuss with you.

  • Design - I will create design of website and discuss elements of website like color, fonts it you like them. We will be in touch during this whole process.

  • Develop - I will develop designs that I've created, then I will make sure if it is performing well in all devices and browser.

  • Testing - I will test the website with every possible ways and fix the bugs I will find.

  • Training - We will run through how you can edit your website in the future.

  • Deployment - I will deploy your website onto your hosting solution.


  • Web Design - I make design of layouts, design of web pages, redesign of existing websites, responsive web design.

  • Frontend Development - I build customized cross-browser, cross-platform websites and web applications for every size of devices.

  • Backend Development - I build customized, high performance and efficient back-end for websites using PHP and MySQL.

  • Single Page Web Application - I build single page web application using client side library ReactJS.

  • Mobile App Design - I design user interface and user experience for android and ios mobile apps.

  • Search Engine Optimization - I do effective On Page SEO for websites, I do various kind of strategy to grow your page rank on search engines.

  • Additional services - I can help setup Google analytics, Google search console.


  • Price for a website cannot be estimated without discussing requirements. It depends on what features do you require.

  • Website design and build costs typically range from ₹7,000 to ₹1,00,000 depending on your requirement.

  • Please Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your project.


  • I don't modify existing websites. I don't like to understand another developer's code and modify it.

  • I don't write code for mobile application. I can help design UI/UX for android and ios.

  • I don't build complex back-end development.

  • I don't work with e-commerce frameworks like magento.

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