Hi, I’m Kunji Meena. I design & develop websites that does not only looks and feels awesome but also works amazing. I’m playing with pixels since last five years. Writing neat, efficient and maintainable code is my speciality. I want to be a part of amazing projects and grow personally and professionally anywhere around the world.

Freelance web designer in Delhi


I am a result focused web designer who makes design according to the requirements. I tend to make designs for website that engages more users. I believe that a perfectly designed website can be the best marketing tool you ever had. As a freelance web designer I can say that a website that is designed for both, humans and search engines will attract more users.

I design responsive website, new website and redesign of existing website.


Personally I like to write code that is clean, understandable and editable. I am a passionate web developer who wants to code website that is fast and optimized for search engines. I always develop websites from scratch. I never use any plugins unless they don't affect the website's performance.

I code websites for all major browsers and for all the screen sizes.


Everyone wants to see their website on top of search engines, but as a freelance web designer I can say that there's no magic for that and all good web designers know that. Nowadays search engines are smarter than people and time has gone when developers used to fool search engines.

I happen to know how to optimize a website for search engines while keeping user experience in mind. I know what needs to change in order to rank up a website.


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Web Design, Development Project
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